Our Vision

Our Philosophy

One of the things we believe is that chemical dependency and substance abuse are chronic and life-threatening diseases. We also believe that narcotics addiction is a treatable illness. Offering safe and compassionate Buprenorphine and Methadone maintenance treatment to adults in need in Lumberton, Pembroke, Red Springs and St. Pauls is our main mission.

This includes clinical therapies, individual drug counseling, drug education, and group/family therapy too. Our calming opioid and heroin treatment clinic in Lumberton can be the place where you finally find your peace, and gain the tools to live a clean and prosperous life!

Our Mission

We are here to provide you with individualized drug treatments in Lumberton for opioid and heroin addiction. Our mission is to provide our patients with care and compassion during a challenging time, so they can gain the strength and resolve they need.

When you are ready to get the help that you deserve, come to the Lumberton Treatment Center and learn about our outpatient drug rehab programs, serving people in the Lumberton, Pembroke, Red Springs and St. Pauls areas. No need for an appointment; call us or visit us today.

Recovery Starts Now

Overcoming addiction can be difficult, but you are not alone.